Submit Vacancies

HR-Verve has come out with a platform where the companies need not call us on a regular basis and just enter their requirements on this platform on the HR-Verve website.


The first step for a company will be to express their willingness to give an opportunity / trial* to HR-Verve for recruiting by just sending a mail to
OR by giving a call to the ‘Customer Service’ no., viz. 77770 40590.

You can alternatively call 9820725987 which is essentially a number for escalation.


The second step will be taken by HR-Verve which in turn will get back to the concerned authority to set the process of relationship to another level.

The first trial recruitment filled by HR-Verve will be FOC^ after registration or submission of the required data.

Similarly the first vacancy after annual renewal will also be FOC^.


Once the requirement gets registered the TAT clock would start ticking immediately for each and every hiring that you would give us.

The HR representative will have to enter all the details required by us for any of their requirement after which the system will show all pending recruitments and their stages / ages.

This platform will give you a monthly status report (analytics) of all such pending vacancies and pending amounts which the company owes us.

Your entries will be exclusively viewed only by you or any other representative/s that you will authorise at your end.


Generation of an e-bill at our end for payment which will be reflected online as and when you pay which will be one month from the date of joining of the candidate (under development).

Details required by HR-Verve to begin search:

Fields marked with (*) are mandatory.

We want to make sure that a real person is filling up the form.*