HR Tool Kit

We have tried here to empathise with many existing companies & Start-Ups and listed certain documents that are regularly required. Usually the companies land up with a wrong format and end up in hassles.

It is more so important in a Start-Up. HR-Verve will be improving on all the standard formats and will keep it updating time and again. We will be happy if you give us feedback so that we can improve on it continuously.

Requisition Format


The first step in the process of Recruitment is that of a request from the SBU / Department for Man Power in their team which could be in the form of a Requisition Form to the HR. These positions are nomenclature properly. In some cases it could be given in a coded form. In most organizations, the positions / profiles are frozen at the time of Annual Budgeting.

Any new position that needs to be recruited has to be then added to the Organizational Structural Map and requires the sanction of the highest authority. All profiles are coded and have to be supplemented with a Job Description.

Offer Letter Format


After the selection of the candidate, it’s time for the organization to give the “Offer Letter” to the candidate.

Please find the sample Offer Letter for your reference.

You can make some small changes in it before giving the same to the selected candidate.

Appointment Letter Format


Appointment letter is to be given on day one of the joining of the candidate.

This Appointment Letter includes crucial terms and conditions about company policies like leaves, non-solicitation, termination, confidentiality, etc.

Confirmation Review Format


You can customize the Confirmation Review Format before the candidate is confirmed after completion of the probation period.

Probation period could vary between 1 month to 1 year depending up on the company / position / location / hierarchy.

Confirmation Scoring Sheet Format


One can even score an associate during Confirmation Process. The probable format is attached herewith.

There could be lot of changes with permutations and combinations.

Resignation Acceptance Letter / Format


As and when the associate resigns he / she usually ask for an acknowledgement letter. The associate is supposed to address their resignation to their Business Head with a CC to HR.

The business head will then forward the resignation letter with their comment to the HR.

Relieving cum Experience Letter Format


An experience letter format that also states the employee is relieved of their duties is needed once they exit the organization.

Internships or full-time jobs, reference letters play a major role and are important to every employee

Exit Clearance Form


The last onerous task of the HR at the time of exit of an associate is to get all possible clearance and take proper handover from them.

Getting clearance from relevant departments before leaving an organization is a critical step. All handovers, documents, office equipment must be returned and a signature of the Desk Head of the respective department must be taken. Financial recoveries or reimbursements to be made, and other processes relevant to the finance section must require a signature from the person-in-charge of finance.

In this exit form format, there are 4 sections with specific descriptions of things.

These can all be edited as per your needs. The four sections we’ve included are:

  • Clearance from the functional department
  • Clearance from IT/admin
  • Clearance from finance
  • Clearance from HR

The people taking care of these 4 departments must sign the sheet stating that the things mentioned in the list have been taken care of. HR-Verve will in the future increase the number of such formats so as to make the life of HR associates a bit easy.